New program provides free meals to all MPS students

MILWAUKEE-A big change for students at Milwaukee Public Schools. For the coming school years, every single one of them will be eligible for free meals.

MPS announced Monday that it's participating in a federal Department of Agriculture program that allows all students to receive a free breakfast and lunch at no charge.

They also don't have to fill out any form to be eligible.

 \"We've had issues in the past where perhaps kids didn't fill out the paperwork,\"  Mike Roemer, Reagan High School principal explained. \"Not a lot of people know you have to do processing for students to be approved. And so now what we're seeing is that kids who did not before, maybe because of the stigma attached to get a free or reduced lunch, now able to to get it without anybody knowing.\"

Last year,  83 percent of MPS students were eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

MPS feels this year's program helps to ensure that all students get the nourishment they need.

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