New Hampshire mom delivers her own baby in Target parking lot

GREENLAND, N.H. — (WMUR VIA CNNIt was a special day that came a little sooner than expected for a Stratham mother who delivered her own baby in a car.

Liv Tolliday was born at 1:13 a.m. Saturday morning.

Her time of birth was made official by a 911 call made by her father from a Target parking lot.

"You know, I delivered her myself, I guess," Sara Tolliday said.

It was still a few days before her due date when she went into labor while the family was home in Stratham on Friday night.

"So I was getting ready, and then things started to progress a bit -- faster than I expected," Sara Tolliday said.

Without even putting on socks or shoes, she ran to the car and her husband, Sam Tolliday, got behind the wheel.

"We were on (Route) 33. We got to the set of lights and my water broke," Sara Tolliday said.

They only made it a few minutes from home before little Liv made her appearance.

"I was just telling myself, 'I have to do this right now. I have to do this myself,'" Sara Tolliday said. "And I couldn't even say it out loud because if I said it out loud, then I think I just would've panicked."

The couple pulled into the parking lot of the Target store in Greenland.

"It was just so intense and fast, but then I was like, 'She's out.' And (Sam) was like, 'What do you mean, she's out?' And he stopped the car, looked over and there she was," Sara Tolliday said.

Greenland Police Officer James Cormier showed up right away with a blanket as the family waited for the ambulance.

"Usually when we have this call, it's usually they say they're delivering," Cormier said. "But then you see they're crowning or you see a little bit of the baby's head. You never can see the whole baby is coming out, so I was a little shocked to see that."

Both Sara and Liv Tolliday are healthy and are resting at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, where Sara Tolliday also works.

The family said they should be able to go home on Monday.

Their son Ben is now a big brother to a girl who someday will have an incredible story to tell.

"It's pretty amazing. Your body just does amazing things," Sara Tolliday said.

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