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New FBI virtual reality training shows the real life scenarios many agents go through

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Cell phones, police dashboard video, and body cameras have put the actions of law enforcement officers under unprecedented scrutiny.

Today, CBS58’s Mike Strehlow got a taste of the split second life and death decisions they’re being trained to make.

Strehlow tried his hand at three different shoots or don’t shoot scenarios inside the ‘use of force’ simulator at the Milwaukee FBI Headquarters today.

Unlike the simulation before this one, when he did not draw a gun on a suspect until it was too late, Strehlow entered this volatile situation with his gun trained on both people… while trying to process their verbal and physical cues as the situation escalated in a matter of seconds.

"It's to give you a greater understanding of what the average law enforcement officer faces when he or she hits the streets and how quickly decisions have to be made and how complex they often are," said Justin Tolomeo, the FBI Special Agent in Charge when speaking about the importance of the training. 

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