New Escape Room in Racine: Museum Mystery with A Drink!

So how far would you go for a glass of wine or beer?  Would you hang out with some of your best friends trying to figure a complex puzzle in one hour?  A new business in Racine called “Escape for Drinks” is putting people up to the task of finding a missing art piece.  And if you solve it within the allotted time, you get an extra free drink.  It’s a lot of searching high and low in an 800-square foot room along with some helpful clues from the curator. His name is Rich Dial, and he also happens to be the owner of the place.

The CBS58 Morning Crew decided they were brave enough to take the challenge. Unfortunately, we didn't succeed in time.  It took us ten minutes more. We're not the only ones apparently.  Only 30% of the patrons actually solve all the puzzles under the wire.

“Escape for Drinks” is open mainly on Friday and Saturday nights.  It costs $25 dollars to take the challenge.  And the business also has games geared toward kids.  Click on the attached link for much more information about prices and hours. 

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