New DOT app in time for Summerfest and construction season

With construction season and Summerfest going on, the roads have been sluggish. The Department of Transportation is launching a new app, 511 Wisconsin, to help people plan ahead.

Stop and go is the name of the game this summer. Amie Bosshart knows the headaches all too well.

Amie Bosshart says, \"There's construction everywhere to begin with, Summerfest has made it even more chaotic.\"

With several projects like the Hoan Bridge and the Zoo Interchange, combined with Summerfest, the Department of Transportation is launching their new app, 511 Wisconsin to help drivers make other plans.

Gina Paige, with the DOT says, \"You can go in an open it and see how many lanes are closed, is it a full closure or just one lane and will tell you the duration so you can better plan your route.\"

That app constantly updates you with information that the department of transportation is getting into their control room. That information is also going out to Milwaukee County Transit

Paul Keltner, Department of Transportation say, \"We're making them aware of travel times where there is congestion as well as what we are seeing in our arterial.\"

The app is music to Amie Bosshart's ears who sees it as an opportunity to plan ahead.

\"I will definitely look at it, anything that lets me know if there's any jams so I can avoid them with my kids in the car I love it.\"

If you have an apple or android smart phone you can download the app.

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