New, brazen video shows reckless driver spinning around MPD officers and cruiser

NOW: New, brazen video shows reckless driver spinning around MPD officers and cruiser

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We're seeing new video of the latest reckless driving incident in Milwaukee.

There have been a lot of reckless driving incidents in Milwaukee recently, from drag races to chases to driving through school yards. But this case seems to be one of the most brazen: the driver spins around police officers, they don't stop him, then he takes off.

The video begins with a masked driver behind the wheel of a Kia with Illinois plates, pulling next to a Milwaukee police cruiser in the middle of an apparent traffic stop. The driver then circles behind the cruiser and pulls up onto the sidewalk. As an officer rolls down his window, the car backs out and starts to take off, almost hitting another car.

Jordan Morales, of the Sherman Park Neighborhood Association, said, "These reckless drivers are launching to 3000-pound missiles into populated areas, and it really needs to be treated with the urgency that what I call homicidal driving."

A few seconds later the car was back, coming fast and skidding around the cruiser. An officer got out, but the car was gone, for good this time. The video was posted Sunday, though it's unclear when it was actually recorded, and is the latest in a long string of incidents caught on camera.

Morales said, "It is happening on such a massive scale Adam that they know that the police can't respond."

Morales said reckless driving in Milwaukee is classified as a Tier-2 offense -high up the list- but he says too often officers are stretched thin or are already preoccupied. "So, it's a tier two priority. And yet, you've got this type of lawlessness on the streets. It seems like it's anarchy."

He says there are many committees -some of which he sits on- but they often only talk about the issue instead of taking action. So, Morales is calling on Mayor Barrett to declare reckless driving an emergency, and the county to follow suit, to open access to more resources. "If you have an active shooter moving through a school, you wouldn't be like, 'Oh, we're starting conversations on how to handle this active shooter.'"

MPD did not respond to interview requests, nor did its Traffic Safety Unit. We also reached out to Alderman Mike Murphy, the chair of the City-County Reckless Driving Task Force, but we did not hear back.

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