New bill aims to crack down on businesses suspected of prostitution

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A new bill being circulated at the Capitol aims to make it easier for local law enforcement to take action against alleged prostitution rings at massage parlors. 

In February, New Berlin police arrested 56-year-old Jing Zhang for allegedly running a prostitution ring out of her massage business. 

The investigation began in 2016 and charges were brought last month. Under current law, it may take months or years for law enforcement to be able to shut down those businesses while investigations take place. 

The bill aims to empower local officials to be able to take swift action against businesses suspected of illicit activity. 

"So this is going to speed up the process, it's going to allow local municipalities to step in, take some action on their own, and get these places shut down as quickly as possible," said Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (R) - New Berlin.

Zhang made her first court appearance earlier in the week and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for May. 

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