New Berlin woman fights off robber in her home

NOW: New Berlin woman fights off robber in her home

A New Berlin woman says she's lost her sense of security after she had to fight off a robber who broke into her home.

"It just kind of takes your safety away, your feeling of security," New Berlin resident Julie Grobner said. "You don't realize how important it is to feel safe in your home until it's gone."

Grobner says that feeling of safety was ripped away from her when she faced a brazen robber who broke into her home on Tuesday just before 1:00 p.m.

"I opened the door and he was a few steps over here," Grobner said. "I had bags in this arm and he pushed me into my left shoulder."

Grober says after a quick struggle, the man got away.

"It's terrifying," Grobner said. "I was kind of in shock the first day and was okay and then after that I was scared to be home alone."

Fortunately, Grobner wasn't physically harmed, but the man did make away with about $600 worth of jewelry, some with sentimental value.

"He took a diamond cross that my mother gave me and a couple other pieces," Grobner said. 

She says the robber must have been scouting the neighborhood for unlocked doors and Grobner accidentally left hers unlocked, making her home a vulnerable target.

"You're so used to it being safe," Grobner said. "You just don't naturally make sure everything is locked up."

Nearby residents say they are shocked that this happened in their typically safe neighborhood.

"This is a really nice neighborhood and that's one of the real big reasons my wife and I targeted this neighborhood," New Berlin resident Jarrod Dreske said.  "A lot of people do target this area because of the security and the good school system."

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