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New Berlin police officers remain low key about their heroics that saved a woman from a fiery crash

Two New Berlin police officers are credited with saving a woman's life after a fiery crash on the freeway.

DOT cameras captured the rescue on video along 894 near Greenfield Road around 3 Sunday morning.

Officer Ryan Straus and Kyle Kegley were going to pick up a prisoner when they saw the flames.

Their immediate reaction was to run right to the fire.

"Officer Strauss grabbed a fire extinguisher from the car I tried using my baton to break the window of the car," Officer Kegley told CBS 58 News. ""Then we heard her start screaming."

The woman manage to get out through a passenger window.

A Greenfield officer and some good Samaritans also helped.

"I just remember her getting out of the vehicle," recalled Officer Straus. "I remember one of her boots was partially on fire and I remember her getting to the ground and hitting that with my hand."'

The woman was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. But she is in trouble on suspicion she was driving impaired.

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