Neighbors open up yards for Wisconsin State Fair parking

NOW: Neighbors open up yards for Wisconsin State Fair parking

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Parking can be tough when you're heading to the Wisconsin State Fair, but people who live nearby are making things a little bit easier for fair-goers.

It's the same excitement and anticipation every year for fair-goers and State Fair neighbors who offer up their yards so people can park.

Michael King, a 76-year-old resident of the neighborhood near the Wisconsin State Fair, allows people to park in his yard.

"It's just the way of life, you work around fair week," King said.

Providing parking during the State Fair has been a side hustle Michael King has been doing since 1974.

"The first year we made $110, it's gone up since then," said King. "I like talking to the people, I've had people from about 18-20 states."

Regulars say they come back every year because of his A+ service.

King even gives people a map to help attendees get to and from the fair with ease.

"We give tickets with a map on the back and with the address so they can find their cars, people lose their car," King said.

Another local, Sherry Jossart, also allows fair-goers to park in her yard.

However, Jossart got lucky this year by bargaining with her job to allow her to be off for the fair.

"So you're off for 11 days, I'm off for 11 days," Jossart said. 

But technically she's still working, just in a "seasonal" role.

"That's my extra fun money that I use to fix up my house" Jossart said.

"Eleven to eleven," said Jossart. "Constantly out here watching the cars, making sure everything is okay." 

Jossart passes the time by cooking and inviting people over as she waits for customers.

For King, the annual State Fair is more than just a chance to make some cash, but an opportunity to meet new people.

"The money is nice, but I enjoy talking to people" King said.

The Wisconsin State Fair runs from August 5-15.

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