Neighbors dispute over trespassing, some claim resident is trying to poison dogs

NOW: Neighbors dispute over trespassing, some claim resident is trying to poison dogs

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some residents on Milwaukee’s East Side are worried about a person they say is trying harm dogs in the area.

But others say there’s much more to the story.

The area of Arlington and Kane is filled with dogs and their humans – who say someone is targeting their animals.

"He came out threw chocolate all over the ground last year and this week he came and spilled pills all over the grass," neighbor and dog owner Claire Heile said.

Heile’s roommate made a lawn sign to warn other pet parents.

She said it makes them nervous, and they have called police.

“Everyone out here has been really respectful and picks up after themselves, so we hope we can make this better," she continued.

Another neighbor believes the man puts down the poisonous items late at night.

“If it’s not being filmed or you can’t catch him, then what do you do?" neighbor and dog owner Kelsey Gusho said.

Some told CBS 58 he lives in the Riverview Apartments, which is right across this lawn from Heile’s home.

After wrapping up our interviews, one Riverview resident came out and told us a different story.

Off camera, he said people often unleash their dogs on the complex’s grass, which has a no trespassing sign.

He claimed some elderly residents have gone out to their garden, and returned with feces on their shoes.

He said he’s called police too, and that he is not the person trying to poison the dogs.

Milwaukee Police said they were called to the area on Wednesday after a call that several pills were scattered on the sidewalk.

There have been no reports of sick dogs, but officers are investigating.

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