Neighbor Speaks Out After Chicago Area Mother Dies in Wisconsin Interstate Shooting

A sad update to a weekend crime spree that started with a murder in West Allis and ended with a drive-by shooting in Sauk County.

We learned earlier Tuesday the 44-year-old victim in that shooting died.

The first victim, neighbor Gabriel Sanchez died in his home but officials tell us Tuesday morning, the second victim, a Chicago area wife and mother of two died after being shot in the neck.

Her Buffalo Grove, Illinois neighbors still in shock, after hearing 44-year-old Tracy Czaczkowski died after a family trip to the Wisconsin Dells this weekend.

"It's just so senseless, so many people lately are getting shot by guns and there's no reason for it," said Lynne Schneider, the family's neighbor.

According to deputies, 20-year-old Zachary Hays opened fire on Tracy, her DEA agent husband and their two kids as they driving home on I-90/94.

They say it was the second shooting of the day for Hays who was driving with his 30-year-old brother Jeremy.

It started early Sunday morning at the brothers West Allis apartment when police say Zachary shot and killed their downstairs neighbor, 42-year-old Gabriel Sanchez.

"Zach; I was really surprised to hear he was the one doing the killings. Because when he worked for me he was pretty normal, a typical teenager," said D'Amour.

Eric D'amour is a former employer of both Zachary and Jeremy Hayes.

He told us the brothers moved to their own place because they didn't get along with their step-dad.

"They moved in shortly after they started working for my company," he said.

D'Amour says they were a nice family with close ties to Epikos Church.

"Jeremy talked about it from time to time and Zach mentioned it once or twice, about the church and going there," he said.

A church that police say was threatened by the brothers after the West Allis murder.

While their parents wouldn't talk to us D'Amour told us by all accounts-this was a normal family.

"Sometimes Jeremy would be over here and he'd talk to me over the picnic table fence and everything would be normal. The only thing i can think of is they must have hardcore gotten involved in drugs," he said.

Charges are pending for Zachary and Jeremy is held on a tentative charge of Felon in Possession of a Firearm. The 34-year-old brother who was also in the car at the time of the crime is not being named due to his cognitive disability.

If you'd like to donate, here's a link to Tracy's GoFundMe page:

And for Gabriel:

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