Negotiations resume today between Milwaukee County, and bus drivers union

It has been a contentious few months for Milwaukee County and the local transit union.  Bus drivers have been working without a contract for nearly six months.  They walked off the job during Summerfest for three days. The strike disrupted transportation for thousands of people across Milwaukee County.  Both sides say they'll go back to the table for negotiations Friday.

"We not going to stop fighting until we get what we think is right," ATU Local 998 President James Macon said.  "All we have asked for is a fair contract, we have not asked for anything else."

Milwaukee County will offer a new proposal Friday, one they hope union leaders will accept.

"We think we're really close," MCTS Spokesman Brendan Conway said.   "We've had some really good negotiations going back a few months. We think we can get this contract agreed to, get it signed, move on and get back to the task at hand which is serving the public."

Macon said he doesn't have a work stoppage planned right now.

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