Nearly 400 unprocessed ballots found during day 5 of Milwaukee County recount

NOW: Nearly 400 unprocessed ballots found during day 5 of Milwaukee County recount

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A total of 386 unprocessed ballots were found on day five of the Milwaukee County recount. The ballots were covered by opened ballots and not discovered until Tuesday, Nov. 24. 

"I have no doubt that these ballots were brought up to the table saying they were complete not indicating to anyone that half of the ward was missing," said Milwaukee Election Commission Director Claire Woodall-Vogg

The discovery meant nearly half of the votes cast in one Milwaukee county had been uncounted. 

Milwaukee Election Commission Director Claire Woodall-Vogg said the canvass and recount preparations kept her from finding the discrepancy. 

"I actually haven't had a single hour in a day to compare my ward by ward results," Woodall-Vogg said. 

The Trump campaign objected to counting the ballots.

"It's obvious people procedures weren't followed, the last vote number was given, whatever happened to these voter ballots we can't determine," said Stewart Karge, Trump campaign lawyer. 

The Biden campaign disagreed. 

"This is the purpose of a recount, mistakes that have happened on election day are found and corrected," said Chris Meuler, Biden campaign lawyer. 

The commission approved counting the ballots 3-0. 

"There's no indication these envelops were ever outside of the control or possession of the city of Milwaukee," Milwaukee County Election Commission Chairman Tim Posnanski. 

Woodall-Vogg believes the ballots will help President Donald Trump's vote totals. 

"I would say that this likely would help Donald Trump, we will see when we run the full results," said Woodall-Vogg. 

Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said the recount is doing its job. 

"They would not have been counted but for the recount," Christenson said. 

Christenson said the recount may be finished by Saturday, Nov. 28. 

The recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties must be done by Dec. 1. 

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