Nearly $4,000 Worth of Vandalism Done to Oak Creek Church

NOW: Nearly $4,000 Worth of Vandalism Done to Oak Creek Church

Oak Creek Police are asking the public for help after five windows are shattered by bricks at St. Matthew School and Church.

Investigators are asking for any information that could lead to the identification of the suspects. Right now authorities have only described them as a group of four juveniles.

Surveillance video exists of the July 1 night when it happened - but people who have seen it say it's too dark to really make anything out.

For the time being, it's the damage left behind that is telling the story of what happened.

Michael Kuick, a trustee and treasurer for the church, says the five East-facing windows were broken by brick that had been stacked nearby the school.

Kuick says that no one saw the mess until the morning after it happened.

"And after service we were just milling around talking and somebody came back and said 'Hey the windows are broken'," Kuick said.

"We found a container of something spilled on the floor in the basement. But most of the rooms are locked. They're self-locking doors now," Kuick said.

More than 150 students attend the K-8 school. Those children are currently on summer break.

Kuick estimates the vandals did nearly $4,000 worth of damage.

According to a press release, Oak Creek police say the four suspected juveniles came in from the backside neighborhood and played basketball for about 20 minutes before targeting the windows.

Police have not said if any witnesses have come forward, but Kuick says no one he's talked to saw anything.

"The worst part of it is the Pastor was here that night but it was so hot he had the air-conditioning on. And there was some kids on the playground - my neighbor was having a party - so I turned the fan on and closed my window. Normally you would hear traffic," Kuick said.

The church does have insurance to cover the damage, Kuick said.

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