National Bobblehead Hall of Fame reveling in March Madness attention

NOW: National Bobblehead Hall of Fame reveling in March Madness attention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee attractions are taking advantage of more big events, like March Madness, returning as COVID-19 becomes less of a concern and restrictions come off.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame, with their large collection of march madness related bobble heads, is one of those attractions.

Officials at National Bobblehead Hall of Fame said they've had many fans visiting over the past few days to check out college sport mascots and more.

They said with merchandizing rules changing for college sports, they're hoping in the future to maybe see some players as well.

Phil Sklar, co-founder and CEO, says they're especially excited to have all this attention after being closed for over a year during the pandemic.

"This is really the first big event, we were planning foe the DNC especially our exhibit with all the presidents, that got shelved because the DNC went virtual, so it's really cool to see tens of thousands of people descend upon Milwaukee for one event for really the first time [since the pandemic]," said Sklar.

He said they're hoping to get another chance at having the DNC and perhaps even the RNC here in Milwaukee.

They're also running a special during March Madness for $25 you can get two tickets to the museum and this new basketball bobble Saturday and Sunday.

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