“Naked” Penguin at SeaWorld Orlando gets Special Wetsuit

ORLANDO (CBS NEWS) — As a result of feather loss, a penguin at SeaWorld Orlando has been outfitted with a special suit designed to keep her warm, CBS Miami reported

Guests visiting “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin” will instantly recognize the female Adelie penguin that is dressed a little fancier than the others. 

After shedding her feathers, which can happen to the cold climate birds in their natural habitats, SeaWorld staff says, the penguin had a hard time regulating her body temperature.

So staff with SeaWorld’s aviculture team set out to help, creating a wetsuit designed to mimic her real coat and keep her insulated.

“While wearing her wetsuit the penguin swims, sleeps and eats alongside her fellow penguins. This is just another extraordinary example of how SeaWorld Orlando cares for the marine animals at the park,” staff said.

The exhibit transports visitors to the icy and mysterious world of Antarctica, including a trackless simulation ride, penguin colony and the live Penguin Cam.

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