Naked Man Tased and Arrested after Walking on Wisconsin Highway

The Appleton Police Department continues to investigate a suspicious incident occurring at approximately 6:47 AM, on Sunday, March 20. According to a release from police, the incident involved an 18-year-old man walking naked in the northbound lanes of Highway 441. Numerous people called 911 to report the incident. 

According to the release, as officers were responding they were told the man was attempting to pull a motorist from her vehicle. Officers found the naked man in the roadway, near the off-ramp of Highway 441 to East College Avenue. Officers believed the man was experiencing excited delirium, a state of extreme mental and physiological excitement.

Before he could be taken into custody, the man began to yell at officers to “shoot him”. Due to the location of the incident and the man’s condition and behavior, an officer tased him. Once handcuffed, the man continued to resist officers. The man, identified as a Neenah resident, was transported by paramedics to a local hospital for treatment.

A 22-year-old Appleton woman received minor injuries from the male during the incident. She told police she had stopped to call 911 when the man rushed her vehicle, opened her driver’s door and began to punch her. She was able to get her door closed when another motorist distracted the naked man. 

The man approached the other vehicle and began punching windows on the vehicle. The woman was shaken, but did not require immediate medical attention. No additional injuries were reported. 

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