NAACP reminds voters of early voting options following drop box ruling

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee's NAACP is responding to the ruling that restricts the use of drop boxes for the April 5 election.

"And now we are faced with a decision by a single circuit court judge, in which we know today that elderly, disabled and folks who are in jail will be disenfranchised."

That lawyer refers to a judge's ruling that unmanned drop boxes may not be used. 

At a press conference at Milwaukee's City Hall Friday, March 25, speakers talked about the impact of that ruling.

"And it looks like the side of suppression is winning," said Rev. Greg Lewis of Souls to the Polls. "Because I can tell you this, if folks don't have access to those drop boxes, it's gonna be a killer for community voting."

They're unhappy with the ruling and calling on clerks to provide more staff for drop boxes, but they're also reminding voters to get absentee ballots in on time. 

Milwaukee will have its nine early voting sites open Saturday, March 26 and Saturday, April 2 to accept those ballots. 

Early voting ends on April 2. 

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