My how things change, especially when it comes to the weather

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--All and all, the weather is fairly quiet this week.  Look for highs mainly in the 40s and 50s with a better chance of showers this weekend.  Since we're putting the forecast on autopilot this week, I thought I'd share a photo my co-worker, Jessica Tighe, tweeted over the weekend. 

Her friends went to the Badgers game and took a few pictures showing how changeable the weather was on Saturday. The first photo shows a snowy Camp Randall during the first quarter . Then by the end of the third quarter, not a trace of snow anywhere.  Goes to show you how changeable the weather is, especially in the fall.  On a day like Saturday, the major player was lots of upper air instability, creating volatility in the atmosphere.  You probably saw the clouds "bubbling up."  There were plenty of reports of graupel, or soft hail.  The air above us was exceptionally cold, adding to the instability.  

We always love seeing your weather photos anytime of the year.  You can send them via [email protected] or our mobile weather app.  

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