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New Berlin K-9 helps Muskego Police drag man from trunk of car

NOW: New Berlin K-9 helps Muskego Police drag man from trunk of car


MUSKEGO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Muskego Police called in for New Berlin K-9 backup to pull a man out from the trunk of a car. Police believe Jeffrey Brown may have been hiding in the trunk of his girlfriend's car because there was a warrant out for his arrest.

At first he kept officers at bay but it didn't take long for the police K-9 to drag him out.

During a traffic stop last week, Muskego Police came upon what looked to be an empty car behind Coach's on the Lake on Racine Avenue.

Police eventually found a woman named Sarah Palmersheim who officers say admitted two things to them: she had run from the vehicle, and her boyfriend Jeffrey Brown was in the trunk.

In the video, you see her pop the trunk with her key fob and Brown immediately shuts it closed.

He's no match for the K-9 however. The dog pulls Brown out and several officers subdue him.

Police say they found fentanyl in Brown's pocket. He's charged with possession of narcotics, resisting an office and felony bail jumping. For those three charges Brown could face more than ten years in prison.

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