Muskego Police Department uses UTV to stop traffic violators

NOW: Muskego Police Department uses UTV to stop traffic violators

MUSKEGO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- This school year, the Muskego Police Department is thinking outside the box when it comes to catching traffic violators.

Drivers are used to having traditional squad cars pull them over, however, in the city of Muskego, don’t be surprised if you see a UTV stopping you for speeding.

Officers says the city of Muskego has seen an increase in traffic violations.

"A misconception of drivers that think it's safe to do five over, or I can do nine over, they're not going to stop me until I'm 10 over, whereas in reality, if I wanted to stop somebody I could stop somebody and cite them at two or three over, it would ultimately be dealt with in court," said Senior Patrol Officer Erin Cortese.

Detective Lieutenant Andy Kraus said these violations have forced the department to get creative, working in a team capacity, incorporating the use of a UTV.

"Officer can be positioned in UTV taking laser readings, getting the vehicle speed, radioing that to other squad cars down the road, and then we can have multiple chase cars, and really kind of saturate an area with officers to just demonstrate that we are out there," said Kraus.

The department has utilized the UTV for the past three years, but officers say it's needed more now than ever before.

"Drivers have gotten worse. It's my understanding that during COVID, parents were simply able to sign off on their children getting their licenses," said Cortese.

Cortese goes on to say the ultimate goal is not to write tickets, but to save lives.

"To get people to slow down and remind them, hey, school is back in session right now and it's time to slow down and pay attention."

Currently the Muskego Police Department only has one UTV, however they say they are looking to incorporate the use of motorcycle patrol to help combat speeders.

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