Parking problems, multiple cars towed on Milwaukee's east side

NOW: Parking problems, multiple cars towed on Milwaukee’s east side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some people on Milwaukee's east side woke up Sunday morning to find their cars getting towed.

"When we came back from grocery shopping, there were a whole bunch of cars along Prospect getting towed," said John Von Helms who lives in the area.

Cell phone video shows a number of cars between Kilbourn Avenue and Brady Street being hauled away.

The cars were removed to hold a special event, the Walk For Israel.

People in the neighborhood said the cars getting removed caught them by surprise. "No, not a good start to the day at all," said Cheri Meyer.

According to Department of Public Works (DPW), they posted 'no parking' signs Friday afternoon alerting drivers of the temporary 'tow away' zone.

Violators will have to pay a ticket and towing fee before they can get their cars back. Most of the cars that were towed were relocated to several nearby streets on the east side because the city’s lot is closed on Sundays.

Drivers said although it's not winter, parking in the area continues to be a challenge. "It's not always ideal, obviously it'd be nice if there were more parking spaces," Von Helms added.

If your car was towed, you'll need to call DPW at 414-286-2700 with your license plate and vin numbers to find where it's located.

For more information on parking regulations, visit:

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