Mt. Pleasant couple’s TikTok video gains national attention after it went viral with millions of views

NOW: Mt. Pleasant couple’s TikTok video gains national attention after it went viral with millions of views

MOUNT PLEASANT, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Mount Pleasant couple’s TikTok video gained national attention after it went viral. Viewers may have already seen them on CBS 58 during ‘The Greatest #AtHome Videos’ hosted by Cedric the Entertainer at 7 p.m. Friday.  

Thirty-two-year old Emily Gudmundson and her fiancé, 48-year-old Oreste Carnevale, made a TikTok video in June, but little did they know it would amass more than 2 million views.  

“I came home one night around midnight, she just approached me and said I got a sound that I want to do a TikTok to and I just said okay,” said Carnevale.  

The idea for the video came out of the blue. The couple did a cover of Camila Cabello’s song ‘Havana,’ but with a squeaky door sound effect instead of a voice.  

“I saw the door and it was like oh we should hang on the door,” said Gudmundson. “Yeah we did that and then I thought oh what if I hang on the door, too?” added Carnevale.  

Little did they know the TikTok video would gain almost a million views by the next morning.  

After seeing the video, CBS reached out to Gudmundson through Instagram in July and told her she would be on ‘The Greatest #AtHome Videos.’ 

“I didn’t believe it,” Gudmundson said.  

“She thought it was a joke or something,” Carnevale added.  

“He had just left when I got it and I had to check the validity of it,” said Gudmundson.  

Gudmundson and Carnevale are both health care workers. They have a blended family and have plans to get married next summer. The pair started on TikTok during the pandemic in May after their kids convinced them to get on.  

“Well we were just so bored, like I was home every single night and I was just like, I’m gonna do a TikTok,” said Gudmundson.  

“I was very reluctant to do it,” said Carnevale. “Yeah, but it’s reversed now,” laughed Gudmundson.  

The couple’s TikTok varies from funny family centered short videos, dances, to relatable current events.  

In one of the TikTok videos, Gudmundson tells President Trump ‘no’ to banning the app.  

“One morning, there was a glitch on TikTok and so TikTok was not working for anybody, so I freaked out and I thought he banned it then,” laughed Gudmundson.  

Clearly, the couple hopes the app doesn’t get banned. So far, they’ve gained more than 116,000 followers and have had more than 10-million views combined.  

“We did a few videos and then we got so many views and then it just became kind of fun,” said Carnevale.  

The pair even did a part two to their viral door video, after they saw how many views the first one got. While their part two of the door video didn’t get as many views as the first, the couple hopes to still spread cheer during the pandemic by making more TikTok videos.  

To watch Emily Gudmundson and Oreste Carnevale’s videos and follow them on TikTok, click here.

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