MSU fan getting to Final Four in unique way

A Michigan State fan is putting the pedal to the metal on his way to Indianapolis - on his bike.

Derek Blalock, of Flushing, was lucky enough to score some tickets to the Final Four.

With a 6,500 mile charity bike trip coming up this summer, he thought what better way to train than bike more than 250 miles to see his favorite team.

Blalock said he plans to use back streets and sleep in a tent while he tries to conquer the pavement.

\"I'm hoping to knock out about 50 miles tonight and about 90 or 100 each on Thursday or Friday,\" Blalock said. \"So it's going to be a test for me getting ready for the summer trip, but I'm excited because I could use a good challenge right now.\"

Once Blalock returns, he'll continue training for his cross-country trip this summer where he'll be riding for the Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit that provides heart screenings for young athletes.

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