MPS summer school starts Tuesday with 5-year high enrollment

NOW: MPS summer school starts Tuesday with 5-year high enrollment

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)-- It was the first day of classes for Milwaukee Public Schools summer school programs on Tuesday, June 22. 

Twelve schools started Tuesday with 2,700 students. 

Across the district 7,800 students are enrolled. 

"We're really excited to have our students come back into the building, we expect a day of fun learning where everybody is engaged, doing hands-on activities," said Natalie Anderson, the extended learning opportunities manager for Milwaukee Public Schools.

Families are taking advantage of the extra help offered to students this year, following a virtual school year. 

The district had about 2,700 students enroll in just the last couple of weeks. 

And they're changing their curriculum to make sure students are ready for the next grade. 

"We've also expanded our elementary site to be six weeks instead of the traditional four weeks to make sure they have the opportunity to learn as much as they can," said Anderson. 

Many parents, like Maureen Brown, are ready for their kids to have some normalcy back. 

"I'm very excited. My son didn't get a chance to enjoy the school year because of the pandemic and him being all virtual school," said Brown.  "So this is giving him another -- like a chance for like a make-up to meet new friends and stuff like that. Because he was kind of upset he didn't do real school because he wanted to meet friends and his teacher." 

The increase in enrollment has left the district looking for more teachers. As of Tuesday's class start, it still needed 10 teachers. 

It expects them to be filled by the second day of classes. 

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