MPS releases reopening proposal to be voted on March 23

NOW: MPS releases reopening proposal to be voted on March 23

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We now know when students could return to in-person learning at Milwaukee Public Schools.

A proposal out Thursday, March 18, shows Pre-K through grade 2 could go back on April 12. 

Grades 3-8 would start a week later, on April 19.

High school students would return April 26.

The vote to finalize the plan is next Tuesday, March 23.

The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association did not approve of the plan. The union had said they wanted to see a comprehensive plan from the administration before returning to the classroom.

“It’s not a plan. It’s a PowerPoint," MTEA President Amy Mizialko said.

MPS Board President Larry Miller said in a Tuesday interview he plans to advise his fellow board members to vote yes on the plan March 26.

“We’re ready, from my perspective, to open up our schools, and according to the calendar that the superintendent has laid out -- and to move forward.”

The union said the plan to seat students in every other bus seat does not allow for social distancing, and they wanted more of a plan for special education.

“There’s nothing in this PowerPoint that refers to the special education staff, who are highly mobile, and are assigned to many classes that they serve throughout the day,” Mizialko said.

MPS will survey parents next week on whether they want to return to class. The board said the district will allow parents who are uncomfortable to keep a virtual schooling option.

“We need to know who’s going to be in the buildings," Miller said. "What’s the division of labor going to look like for all of us.”

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