MPS high schools offer early enrollment

Milwaukee Public Schools are now offering students the opportunity to choose a high school earlier than usual.

Starting this week until November 2nd, all 8th graders in Milwaukee can make their high school selections.

In the past, only a small number of schools participated in early enrollment.

The process allows students to express interest in up to two traditional high schools and up to two selective criteria high schools.

"This past spring, we celebrated seven MPS high schools receiving national recognition from U.S. News and World Report and the Washington Post. We are on a mission to grow that number by focusing on equity, access and opportunity for all students," MPS Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver said. "Part of that work involves making sure every student has the opportunity to select a high school that meets their needs and has programs that interest them."

MPS wants to make sure students select a high school that meets their needs and the programs that interest them, whether it's a neighborhood school or a school with a specialized program.

"We know that families want to plan with as much time as they can because transitioning to high school is a big change so we want to give families, who know what high school they are looking for or the opportunity to seek out the school they're looking for early," Tony Tagliavia, Media Manager at Milwaukee Public schools said.

All of the high schools in the district are having open houses until November 2nd to help guide parents and students decide which school is the best fit.

The online applications will be available at through November 2.

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