MPS Closes schools for severe winter weather

\"The elements are really pretty rough out there; I think we should have canceled,\" parent Andre Williams said.

Williams sent his son to school and a basketball game even though he thought it was too cold. The father, along with other parents and students were surprised doors were still open Wednesday.

\"It was too cold, I couldn't feel my cheeks,\" North Division High School student Ayanna Campbell said.

Most made the trek to school anyway, even if they were freezing. However, Milwaukee Public Schools aren't taking any chances for a second day. Because of sub zero temps and the winter weather advisory, they're shutting down.

\"Our main factor is taking a look at what do these weather conditions look like and how does that impact the ability of children to be safe?\" MPS spokeswoman Denise Callaway said.

The decision is made on a case by case basis. While, MPS felt the cold could be dangerous for it's more than 77,000 students, districts like Whitefish Bay say the weather has to be much more extreme. Typically for closures, a sustained wind chill of negative 35 to 40 degrees and a winter weather warning has to be issued, not just an advisory. Parents in Franklin say closing is safer.

\"I was a little scared to send her, hoping that she wouldn't get too cold,\" Rachael Flores said concerning her Southwood Glen daughter.

The closings are also sending many parents into a tailspin. The surprise day off means finding babysitters last minute.

\"I know some parents not able to stay at home, to take off work, to miss because the kids don't have school, but if it's closed, what do you do? It's always something,\" parent Yolanda Campbell said.

To help, Boys and Girls club will open for students. MPS says, as dangerous weather continues over the winter, parents should always have a backup plan in place.

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