4 teens taken into custody after crashing stolen car, MPD searching for driver

NOW: 4 teens taken into custody after crashing stolen car, MPD searching for driver

Update: 5:21 p.m. on Jan. 31, 2020

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- “It’s dangerous,” said Angel Alonso. “Especially over here.”

Neighbors spoke with us about the latest reckless driving incident in Milwaukee.

“I just seen the car come in and hit the curb and out of nowhere I heard the boom,” said Alonso.

Last night, a vehicle fleeing from police after an attempted traffic stop crashed after a short pursuit.

“I saw them taking the boys on a stretcher,” said another neighbor Gloria Estrada. “I’ve never seen so many ambulances on one block, or so many cops on one block.”

Four teens inside were injured and taken into custody.

But the driver fled.

Gloria Estrada has lived at the corner of 15th and Grant for 24 years and says her neighborhood has increasingly become more dangerous.

“They’re playing Russian roulette with people’s lives, with the cops, and our community,” said Estrada.

Neighbors say they’re tired of reckless drivers speeding up and down their blocks, endangering their families.

“They steal a car, they think they can go joyriding,” said another neighbor. “They don’t understand, they just don’t know the value of life. That’s what it is, that’s the bottom line.”

Mayor Tom Barrett says it’s a serious concern in the city.

“I think there’s a number of factors here. There’s law enforcement, clearly... making sure there’s enough law enforcement, it’s getting the state law changed so that we can have cameras at some key intersections, and it’s changing behaviors,” said Barrett. Neighbors say it has to stop before it starts.

“If you’re fleeing from the cops, stop it. They’re doing their jobs to stop you and also to save people’s lives.”

Alderman Michael Murphy chairs the task force and sent us a statement saying:

"These deaths and injuries experienced by members of our community are unacceptable and continue to affect countless families through ongoing trauma and grief. My goal is to have a final vote on the recommendations at our meeting next month."

The Milwaukee Police Department has cited 43 individuals for reckless driving this year alone.

Ten of those have been involved in accidents.


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police are investigating a crash involving a stolen car on Milwaukee's south side.

According to police, around 9:30 p.m., MPD officers observed a white Mitsubishi Galant speeding and veering around cars in the bike lane near S. 16th St. and W. Cleveland Avenue. 

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, which then fled from police. The car then crashed into a tree near S. 15th St. and W. Grant Street after a brief pursuit. It was later determined the car was stolen.

The driver fled on foot and was not located. Four teen males were taken into custody. Their ages ranged from 15 to 17 years old. All were transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. 

Police continue to investigate and search for the driver. 


Posted: 9:52 p.m. on Jan. 30, 2020

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A police chase ended in a crash near 15th and Grant in Milwaukee Thursday night, Jan. 30, according to the Milwaukee Police Department. 

Authorities say four people were taken into custody, and two of those in custody were taken to Children's hospital.

The officer did not suffer any injuries.

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