MPD officer accidentally shot by another officer

NOW: MPD officer accidentally shot by another officer

A Milwaukee Police Officer was accidentally shot by another officer Thursday night. According to an MPD news release, the officer and his partner were investigating a report of a fight in the area of N Toronto and N 36th Streets around 9:40 PM Thursday. 

Police say there were several vicious dogs at the home that charged the officers. After non-lethal efforts to control the dogs failed, one of the officers fired his weapon, accidentally hitting the other officer. 

The injured officer suffered a non-life threatening injury and is being treated at a local hospital.

The three dogs were identified as pit bulls and taken to MADACC. One dog was euthanized due to severe gunshot wounds. Another dog suffered minor injuries and the third dog was not injured.

The injured officer is 32-years-old with five years of experience. The second officer is 28-years-old with five-and-a-half years of experience. 

The firing officer has been placed on administrative duty which is MPD policy.

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