MPD detective saves puppy twice in one month

Milwaukee Police Detective Jon Charles rescued a 6-month-old puppy twice in one month after adoption little Neno. Neno was found by Milwaukee police on February 3, suffering from severe abuse. Neno was suffering from urine scaling on his skin, raw and bleeding paws pads, and painful sores on his legs. Neno could not open his mouth, because of injuries consistent with having his mouth bound shut for long periods of time.

Several members of the Milwaukee Police Department, including Detective Charles, visited Neno during his stay at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. Over time Detective Charles grew an attachment to Neno, and adopted him after the puppy was transferred to the Wisconsin Humane Society. \"I wanted to ensure that he'd be loved and treated right, and I knew I could provide the kind of life that Neno deserves,\" said Detective Charles.

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