MPD breaks down missing Major Harris case, pleads for new information

NOW: MPD breaks down missing Major Harris case, pleads for new information

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Three-year-old Major Harris is still missing, more than five days after he was last seen. Milwaukee police are hopeful Major is still alive. But right now, no new police searches are scheduled because there is no new credible information on where Major may be.

As the clock ticks into a sixth day, the lead inspector on the case says the department is pleading with the community to come forward with any information.

Inspector Paul Formolo said, "We sure hope that Major is still alive."

But so far there are no results after days of investigating. Arnitta Holliman, the Director of the Office of Violence Prevention, said, "We are extremely concerned and worried about Major Harris."

Interim Chief Jeffrey Norman said, "As a law enforcement official, as a father, I'm bothered we have not found little Major yet."

MPD confirmed the vehicle recovered Monday is connected to the case, and potentially-key evidence was found inside. Inspector Formolo said, "We did find quantity of blood in the vehicle. Obviously, that is the evidence that we have to Wisconsin Regional Crime Lab."

But the clock is ticking. When Major's mother Mallery Muenzenberger was found dead Thursday, they did not know Major had been with her. Since she was from the La Crosse area, MPD could not get in touch with Muenzenberger's family until Saturday. That's when they found out about Major.

So, we asked why MPD's first public call for information came Tuesday, three days after they learned major was missing and five days after he was last seen. Inspector Formolo said, "I understand maybe a little bit of frustration with that but I did state we did, we did issue the Amber Alert. I just think at the time we established it was prudent to kind of just let things play out a little bit."

MPD's prime person of interest -Jaheem Clark- is dead after killing himself Sunday night, and MPD wants to hear from anyone who was with him recently. Bria Grant of Crime Stoppers says time is a critical factor in missing persons cases, but the community is working very hard to find major. She said, "The sense of ownership of this child. That this is a child from communities of color that's in danger. And because of that they want to make sure that child gets home."

And no tip is too small. MPD ordered searches in Dodge County and Washington County, even though they did not turn up new information. Inspector Formolo said, "As we get information we vet it, and if we determine it to be reliable, we'll immediately react upon it."

MPD says it has security camera video of a person leaving the scene where the SUV was recovered Monday. Investigators are now working those leads.

MPD is asking for anyone who had contact with Jaheem Clark to share any information, even if they think it's insignificant. You can submit information by calling 414-224-TIPS or you can submit online at

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