Move or get a ticket: Winter parking rules in effect

NOW: Move or get a ticket: Winter parking rules in effect

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- New Milwaukee winter parking rules are going into effect Sunday, but some residents are still confused.

The city got rid of its 4” rule, which was put into effect when plows needed to remove more than 4” of snow. It has been replaced by what the city is calling a “DPW Operation” which puts alternate side parking rules into effect when a snow operation is declared.

Residents are supped to park their cars on the even numbered side of the street by 11 p.m. Sunday. On Monday night, residents should park on the odd numbered side.

The best thing you can do to avoid a ticket or get towed is to read the signs. People can sign up to be notified by text or email when the alternative side rules will take effect.

Some east side residents said it’s already hard to park. Resident Dan Potterton said with so little spots available, it makes it really hard to find a spot in the winter.

“Where are you going to put your car? That really is the question,” Potterton said.

The ticket for breaking the rule is $40, which is an increase from $20 last year. Director of Operations of the Milwaukee Department of Public Works Laura Daniels hopes residents follow the rules to help truck drivers.

“Instead of going out on a straight line down that road, they have to maneuver in-and-out. That means they have to go slower," Daniels said. "It slows the whole operation down."

However, some east side residents said the ticket hike is unfair.

“The people who have cars around here, many are college students," Potterton said. "That's a hefty burden."

There will be 121 salt trucks out Sunday night to clear the roads. There will be two crews on 12 hour shifts for the next couple days. Daniels said it will take time.

“Be patient, there may be times where there's snow cover on your street, but we are out there,” Daniels said.

To find out when you'll need to follow the alt. parking, you can sign up for the snow alerts on your phone or email by clicking here.

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