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Mother whose husband is killed and baby injured in hit and run talks to CBS 58

A woman who was injured in a hit and run accident that killed her husband and left her 9 month old child clinging to life talks to CBS 58. Police tell us the driver did turn himself in.

In a flash Shakita Washington's lifelong best friend and husband, Rio Washington, was taken away in a flash.

Washington says, \"I feel that I lost my family and my son he's he's sick I'm trying to hang in for him.\"

Their nine month old son is still clinging to life. She says he has a brain injury but is now able to wiggle his fingers and is trying to breathe on his own.

Shakita Washington says, \"He can't see anything he swollen up I talked to him every day tell him to hang on.\"

Washington's grandmother says he was a dedicated father who watched his son everyday. She says it brings the family comfort to know the man that hit Washington turned himself in.

Wanda Scruggs says, \"I was surprised. I was hoping and praying that he would turn himself in. He did and I was happy about that.\"

While his wife comes to grips with his loss. She's thankful for the angel she still has here on earth.

\"I just wanted to be back to normal again know it's not to be normal without my husband I still have a part of him here that's my son.\"

No formal charges have been filed against the driver and they're not naming him at this time.

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