Mosinee residents getting ready for visit from President Trump

NOW: Mosinee residents getting ready for visit from President Trump

MOSINEE (CBS 58) - President Donald Trump is coming to Wisconsin.

The President is making a stop in Mosinee to campaign for republican candidates.

Residents like Curtis Beste say the presidential visit is big news for a small town.

“That’s good for us, being a small town and really out of the big city areas, but we have a big enough airport to get some sizable planes in there,” said Beste.

He has to work and probably won’t go, but a lot of his neighbors will.

“I think it’ll be packed, people are really talking about it,” said Beste.

“I talked to a lot of close friends, and they already got tickets,” said business owner Dan Welsher.

He knows the President is controversial, but thinks any president that visits will bring a crowd.

“I don’t think it really matters if it’s democrat or republican, I mean, yes they have their different views but to have a president come here to Mosinee, I think everybody is excited to see him,” said Welsher.

“He is the President of the United States and I just think, when a president comes to a small town like Mosinee, if you can go see him you should,” said Anne Rueb.

Rueb wishes the President would tweet a little less, she says her neighbors are split on how they feel about the visit.

“He polarized people, so some people saying I can’t believe you’re going to see him and other people are saying I can’t believe you got tickets,” laughed Rueb.

But like him or not, the residents we talked to like the fact that the president will be in their small town.

“We’re just a small town of a couple thousand and the president is flying in,” said Rueb.

“Little town like this, having Trump come here to visit Mosinee, put us on the map hopefully,” said Welsher.

The President is making a quick stop. He’ll land at the Central Wisconsin Airport, speak at a hangar there and then head back to the White House.

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