Morgan Geyser reaches plea agreement with state in Slender Man case

NOW: Morgan Geyser reaches plea agreement with state in Slender Man case

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Morgan Geyser had a hearing Friday where her attorneys discussed a deal made with the state. 

Geyser is expected to enter a guilty plea to attempted first degree homicide at a hearing that will take place next week. Prosecuting attorneys have agreed to drop a dangerous weapon addendum to the homicide charge. 

Attorneys for Morgan Geyser say the deal they made with the state means there will be no trial and that the state will accept a plea of not guilty by reason of mental illness.

Geyser is accused of stabbing her classmate multiple times alongside Anissa Weier to please the fictional character Slender Man. The girl survived.

The maximum sentence for Geyer's plea would be 40 years in an institution with no minimum sentencing. 

"Morgan has been receiving institutional mental health care for the past two years and she’s made incredible strides. She’s being properly medicated and we’re hopeful that when the doctors deem her appropriate for discharge she’ll be released at whatever point in time that is," said attorney Donna Kuchler.

Next week's trial is expected to take place on Thursday, October 5 at 1:30 p.m. where doctors are expected to present their case about Geyser's mental state.

On September 15, Anissa Weier was found not guilty by reason of mental illness by a jury.

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