More units deemed uninhabitable after Brown Deer apartment fire

NOW: More units deemed uninhabitable after Brown Deer apartment fire

BROWN DEER, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Even more people are being displaced Tuesday, Aug. 23, after an apartment complex fire in Brown Deer Saturday evening.

Officials with River Place Apartments said people living in four additional units have to move out, bringing the total to 44.

The repair process has started however, as residents struggle to get their things out by this weekend, the Brown Deer community is coming together to try and help them.

"Our only option is to be in a hotel and we only have that through Friday, coming this weekend, that's when we have to have a new game plan," said resident Jessica Bittle.

Bittle said she knew right away with the damage to her apartment her family would have to move.

Others, like Sue Derfel, learned Monday they too would be joining the over 100 people who have to move out by the weekend.

"Well they're tearing apart the hallway there," said Derfel, who initially thought she might've been able to stay. "I said, 'well there's nothing wrong.' Well they said something could go wrong, and they can't be liable for that so I had to get out"

Derfel is getting help from her daughter to move.

Officials say smoke, water, and lack of a working smoke detection system in four additional units means people have to go.

The village of Brown Deer is working with the Red Cross, Goodwill, and many other agencies to set up a resource center at the Brown Deer Elementary School from 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 25, to provide medical supplies, counseling, housing resources, and more to those effected.

The village of Brown Deer has set up a fund to help those effected with Tri City National Bank, you can donate at any branch.

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