More than 65 animals rescued from Caledonia shelter

CALEDONIA -- Caledonia Police says they are in the process of investigating and seizing more than 50 animals from a shelter on Kremer Avenue.

A complaint was made on the shelter, Orphan Kanines, which led to the discovery of poor and unhealthy conditions.  Police say 65 dogs, one pig, and several cats were rescued.

The Racine Fire Department noted ammonia levels were unsafe for human exposure in excess of five minutes. Police say they'll release an accurate count of the mistreated animals once the facility is vented.

According to their website, Orphan Kanines is a nonprofit, no-kill dog rescue that can hold over 65 dogs. However, police said there are more animals than the facility can hold, including dogs, cats, and a pig. 

The Wisconsin Humane Society issued a statement saying it is expecting a large number of animals seized from Orphan Kanines. The Wisconsin Humane Society is working with police to remove the mistreated animals.  

The investigation and removal of animals could take hours. We will update as this process develops. 

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