More than 125,000 people in Wisconsin now wait and see as Obamcare case plays out

 MADISON -- There were two appeals court rulings issued today on challenges to the Affordable Care Act. One that went the President's way, and another that didn't

12.0pt;font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">These two rulings center on a key piece of the law.

12.0pt;font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">It all comes down to who qualifies for financial help to pay for health insurance, and who doesn't.

12.0pt;font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">It's important to say nobody in Wisconsin will have their coverage affected right now as this all plays out in court, and likely heads to the U.S. Supreme Court

12.0pt;font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">Through the Affordable Care Act, about 125-thousand people in Wisconsin get financial assistance for their insurance in the form of a federal subsidy.

12.0pt;font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">A lower level appeals court in D-C ruled Tuesday, those people are not allowed to collect that subsidy. But a federal appeals court in Virginia ruled the exact opposite.

12.0pt;font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">The battle comes because thousands of people here in Wisconsin joined millions around the country in using the federal marketplace to find a health insurance plan.

12.0pt;font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">An expert on the Affordable Care Act from UW-Madison says rulings like this are not a sign people will all of a sudden lose coverage.

12.0pt;font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">\"This is an important decision in understanding how contentious the affordable care act remains...and how much in debate several central elements are. But i also want to caution people not to over read what today's decision means.\" said Donna Friedsam, UW Health Programs Policy Director.

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\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\"\">Wisconsin was among the majority of states in the country that did not offer a state-run marketplace to buy health insurance. Instead, allowing people to use the federal marketplace, or finding insurance coverage through work.

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