More snow on the way will bring totals closer to normal

After receiving 4.6” of snowfall from the snowstorm Saturday through Monday, the totals are getting closer to average for this season. The season average sits at 46.3”, and after the recent bout of snow, we are up to 43.5”. This is actually higher than last year’s total of 37.6”.

Now where does this stack up in the record book for April snowfall? Nowhere near the top! With the famous 1973 April Blizzard, the record is still holding firm at 15.8” of snowfall for April. Since we are at 6.8”, we will need another big round!

There’s another round of snow possible by tomorrow. This snowfall could start as early as the late morning and afternoon, and it could continue into Thursday morning. The totals could range between 1”-3”, with higher amounts nearing 4”. This could get us closer to the top five snowiest Aprils on record!

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