More Severe Weather Wednesday Morning

Wicked weather drove across southeastern Wisconsin this morning with a lot of heavy rainfall, especially across Kenosha county.  Folks in the county picked up 3" to 5" of rain causing major flooding.  To put that in perspective, the July average for rainfall is around 3.5", so folks picked that up in a matter of hours.

Now we shift our attention to late Tuesday night going into Wednesday morning.  Another complex of organized storms will roll across the area between 3 AM and 10 AM.  These storms will cut across the heart of the area during the Wednesday morning commute.

These complexes can produce damaging winds to 60 mph and small hail.  The other concern with be another 1" to 3" of rain across the area.  Areas that have already experienced flooding will need to monitor the rain closely.

We will continue to watch this closely for you.

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