More development underway in Milwaukee's Granville neighborhood

NOW: More development underway in Milwaukee’s Granville neighborhood

There's more construction happening in Milwaukee's Granville Neighborhood.

A large local retailer, Menards, is buying more land there. They just purchased the old Pick 'n Save building adjacent to it and plan to use the building for future expansion. The next step is building a bigger store.

Alderwoman Chantia Lewis says that kind of commitment is what she needs more of in District 9.

"Now the conversation has shifted to I am getting calls where people are saying we want to do development in your area, what do we do? Let's meet up and have a discussion. What would you like to see over here? I am really excited. And I am grateful to Menards that they see it, want to expand, and they are committed to that area," said Ald. Chantia Lewis. 

The 9th District has around 5 million square feet of empty development space. Most of which Alderwoman Lewis says she hopes to fill with thriving businesses. 

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