Montana dad builds "Olaf" snowman for his special-needs daughter


It took Tate Dunkel a week to create Olaf.

The snowman from the movie "Frozen" now stands across the street from his house.

"I made it for my daughter Juniper, and she's a special needs child, so I put in the effort to make it extra special.  One of the characteristics of her condition is that she has really low muscle tone so she has problems like standing, she can't walk," Dunkel explained.  

"So I set her down next to it to take a picture and she actually stood up and gave it a hug which was super cool because she  hardly ever stands. It took a week to build because I had to keep waiting for it to freeze and stack more When I had the time,” he added.

If you'd like to check out Tate's Olaf, its on Renova Street off of Ferguson in west Bozeman.

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