Monday was a Busy Day for Tow Lots

The city of Milwaukee declared the four-inch rule in effect Sunday morning as the snow piled up.

That meant a trip to the tow lot for some who didn't move their cars.

Here at Bardo Towing off W Lincoln Ave they did upwards of 350 tow jobs this weekend and counting.

Workers said when the forecast calls for snow,  they get excited.

They work 24/7 with almost no sleep, but it means big profits for them.

One tow driver here told me that business started picking up Friday before the snow even came, because of a lot calls for dead car batteries.

Then once the snow started falling, calls picked up because of accidents along the interstate.

While a lot of us in Wisconsin could do without the winter weather, for tow truck drivers, this is a great time of year.

That driver did offer some advice make sure the car is far of fuel, make sure you have a good battery and double check your tire pressure. 

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