Molson Coors launches organic beer and wants you to run for a free 12-packšŸŗ

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Molson Coors is launching its first USDA-certified organic beer, Coors Pure on National Beer Day Wednesday, April 7.

To celebrate the launch, officials say Coors Pure is calling on runners and beer lovers across the country to participate in a beer run for the chance to receive a free 12-pack of Coors Pure.

For those lucky enough to live in New York City, follow the Coors Pure professional runners around Central Park from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., scan the QR code on the back of their shirts, and redeem your rebate for a free 12-pack.

For the rest of usĀ  not living in New York City, don't worry you can still participate! From April 7 through April 14, you can track your beer-can shaped run on your favorite running app, submit a screenshot of your run map on email and get a Coors Pure!Ā 

Email your screenshot to [email protected].Ā 

For more information, click here.Ā 

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