Misshapen but perfectly edible: 'Imperfect Produce' to launch home delivery in Milwaukee

NOW: Misshapen but perfectly edible: ’Imperfect Produce’ to launch home delivery in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Get ready for a produce delivery service that is unlike any others. 

'Imperfect Produce' is getting ready to launch their home delivery service in Milwaukee later this month. The company promises to fight food waste, support farmers and improve access to healthy and affordable fruits and vegetables.

Imperfect will be expanding its partnerships to buy locally from Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative, a collection of over 45 organic and conventional growers.

According to a release, One in five fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. don’t meet the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores, usually causing them to go to waste on the farm. The curvy carrot, the miniature cherry and the oddly-shaped orange are all delicious and nutritious, but are often left to rot in fields or sent to the local landfill.

Imperfect will offer home delivery, keeping it affordable through the company’s cost savings and the company’s weekly donations to local food banks. Additionally, Imperfect offers a low-cost box option for those who qualify for SNAP benefits, filling a void because online groceries do not accept SNAP.

Imperfect offers a variety of boxes for singles and families, and each box can be customized with just the right mix of fruits and veggies. Customers choose each item that arrives in their box each week. Milwaukee residents can sign up for the new delivery service, set to launch in late June.

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