Milwaukee's Unsolved Bank Robberies: The Safe Robber

MILWAUKEE -- Bank robberies are increasing across Wisconsin, which is why the FBI office in Milwaukee is working with CBS58 finding the latest bandits still on the loose.


On Sunday, CBS 58 showed newly released video of a bank robbery from 2009.


The suspect robbed the State Bank of Chilton in Milwaukee.


He enters the bank and immediately jumps the teller counter, then puts a gun in one employees back and pushes him to the back of the bank where the safe is.


After getting the cash he was looking for, he puts all the bank employees on the floor of the safe room, and locks them inside.


The FBI said that this suspect is believed to be connected to other bank robberies in the area.


This video is one of his early bank robberies.


The FBI said leads have not gone cold in the case.


If you think you can help the FBI, call the local office at (414) 276-4684 or check out their Tip line here


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