Milwaukee's Ukrainian community reacts to possible Russian invasion

NOW: Milwaukee’s Ukrainian community reacts to possible Russian invasion

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Ukrainian community in Milwaukee is reacting to the rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The possibility of a Russian invasion is often talked about amongst the Ukrainian community here. 

CBS 58 spoke with Sophia Torcivia, the Parish Board President of St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church. She says it makes her both emotional and angry. 

"What, Putin doesn't have enough land? He has to take a little country like Ukraine? If there is an invasion this is the beginning of World War III." 

A war many, like UWM Associate Professor Maria Haigh, believe Ukraine wouldn't back down from. 

"It will not be an easy war. People are very much united and its true it will be this guerilla war. Lots of armor, weapons and it's scary to think about this but they will not go down without a fight." 

"I spoke with a friend and she shared with me that every human being that is able, including women, would bear arms and would not ever surrender to the Russians. It’s a very strong united feeling," said Torcivia. 

It's a united feeling fueled by frustration and prayer. 

"I become very emotional and angry because there's nothing that I can do sitting here at my kitchen table while there's people In Ukraine who are sitting on eggshells because they don't know what's going to happen next," said Torcivia. 

"People who are speaking the same language, look like you and they're coming with guns and they want to hurt you. It's really unheard of," said Haigh. 

"Keep praying and that's exactly what we do. There's a higher power than will intervene," said Torcivia.

President Biden did warn President Putin if there is a Russian invasion, this would result in "swift and severe" sanctions for Russia.

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