Milwaukee's North Side Celebrates Father's Day with 28th Annual Community Unity Celebration

The community on Milwaukee's north side has been celebrating Father's Day with a special celebration for almost three decades.

"This is the time of the year when we recognize those of us that have been there. In the media and other places they'll have it said that the black man is absent, and we're here to say that he's not, and he is taking care of his community," said Andre Lee Ellis.

Andre Lee Ellis hosted the 28th Annual (Community Unity) Father's Day Celebration. He says he is a father to many.

"It means everything for me to not only to be a father, but a grandfather. Not only am I a father and grandfather to my children, I'm a father and grandfather to all children in my community. I committed my life to that, and that's what this event is about to show our children that we're committed to them," said Ellis.

Ellis is not Carnel Towns's biological father, but he calls him dad.

"As my community father who has taught me so much, he has done a lot for me... been there when I panic, when I was very aggressive he taught me how to cater to raising my son," said Towns. 

Towns has been to the Father's Day Celebration many years. This is his first as a father. He has no doubt events like the celebration and community fathers like Ellis have shaped the dad he will be. 

"I hope to bond and encourage all the young men to be active in their kids' life. Not to just stand around and be pictures on the wall... whether they realize it or not, remember it or not, whether they with the mom or not, you still have a priority and that's your child," said Towns.

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